Arrraial do Cabo - RJ
Discover the most beautiful beaches in the state of Rio de Janeiro
  Praia Grande
On account of the phenomenon of upwelling, has ice water and at the same time, rich in marine nutrients, which attracts numerous species of fish and seafood. It is a sanctuary for fishing, and also bright spot for surfers, the beach and most hectic among young people during the summer. With about 35km extension has white sands and provides a stunning spectacle: the sun falling into the sea.
With its turquoise blue sea, calm and warm waters perfect to take the kids. Attended by whole families, Prainha is attractive as banana boat ride, kayak rentals and perfect for the practice of snorkeling corners.
  Ilha do Farol
For consecutive years, was elected the beach but perfect for the Brazil National Institute for Space Research (INPE), in an election that took into consideration factors such as color and average water temperature, the color of sand, wind speed. Ie, it has everything you would expect from a virgin beach and paradise. Closely monitored by the Navy of Brazil, which maintains a database on site, and only allows authorized to land on the beach. One of the most beautiful scenery in the Brazilian coast
  Prainhas do Atalaia
Offers access trails or by sea. The Prainhas are actually small beaches separated by a rock. Its stunning nature has served many commercial scenarios for national circulation. One of the brightest and most visible of the Lake waters.
  Praia do Forno
Located 1.5 km from the city center, access to this beloved retreat occurs by a short trail or by boat. Nestled in a cove, is a favorite of tourists and reasons abound: perfect waters surrounded by Mata Atlântica.
  Prainha dos Anjos
Traditional fishing center, Praia dos Anjos, has calm waters and dozens of fishing and pleasure boats, which anchor at sea and Marina Fisherman, from where the unforgettable coastal walks Arraial do Cabo.
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